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Bite-Sized News is our new feature where every few weeks we will bring you just the most relevant news in bite-sized snippets so you don’t have to scour pages and pages of information.

For February we have lined up the following:

The worst of the US truck driver shortage is still to come. The reasons are:

  • An overactive hurricane season
  • A high-demand festive season
  • An unexpected rough winter in the South
  • The ELD mandate kicking in

The latest on the ELD Mandate:

  • Four states are considering suspending the ELD mandate
  • Shippers say shipment transit times are getting longer owing to the ELD mandate
  • Fewer than half of all owner-operators are believed to be ELD compliant

The good news is:

  • Trucking opportunities are increasing
  • Trucking jobs are growing
  • What truckers earn will increase