A Fuel Card That Works For You

fuel card for owner operator

The Pay4Freight Fuel Card is an exclusive benefit for Pay4Freight customers and comes packed with incredible cost savings, pre-negotiated fuel discounts, industry-leading security and reporting, plus an entire array of products designed to let you focus on your most important goal—growing your business.

Fuel cards have the potential to save you a lot of money if you are an owner-operator or running a trucking company. In addition to cutting costs on fuel, a great fuel card can be used to minimize out-of-pocket expenses for drivers.

The main reason to find and use fuel cards is the discounts that often come along with fuel card programs. This can be an excellent way to offset issues with fluctuating fuel costs, especially if you routinely transport loads between states and have to deal with varying fuel prices.

At Pay4Freight we researched all the major fuel cards that are available and partnered with the best one to create our very own fuel card for the exclusive use of our Pay4Freight partners. Learn more about our fuel card partner, efsllc, who we think offer the best fuel card around.  When you become a part of the Pay4Freight family we take care of you every step of the way.

Sign up today and enjoy:


  • Cash price* at the pump, no matter where you stop.
  • Industry-leading security and controls that let you choose exactly what may be charged to your account, by whom, and for what amounts.
  • High-resolution reports that show line-item transaction detail and never leave
    you guessing exactly what your drivers are charging to your fuel card.
  • High returns to your fuel budget with pre-negotiated discounts.
  • Free online account management lets you view transactions, order new cards and make changes to your account from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Accepted at over 12,000 truck stops nationwide.
  • Schedule reports to help monitor account activity.
  • Mobile apps to help you find the best fuel prices and manage your fuel account and drivers while on the go.

Fuel Card for Trucking

EFS Network merchants have agreed to charge cash price (or better) for EFS card transactions. Neither EFS nor the card issuer (WEX Bank) sets or is liable for the actual price a merchant charges for any specific transaction.

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