How a Dispatch Partner Can Help You

  • A dispatch partner will locate the highest freight rates on your behalf
  • A good dispatch partner will negotiate the best rates for you (based on current lane and freight rates and carrier rate terms)
  • A good dispatch partner will procure carrier-approved freight
  • Your dispatch partner will review, sign, deliver, and execute contractually binding paperwork
  • A good dispatch partner will check credit worthiness of all brokers before rate confirmation is signed
  • Your dispatch partner will submit the necessary paperwork to your factoring company for invoicing and collection
  • The best dispatch partners continually do the research to identify dedicated freight for regular, anticipated load planning so that you can work the way you want to.

Our Freight Dispatch Partner's Load Planners Have

Knowledge of freight
rates and lanes
Access to a large capacity of loads
Skill at negotiating the best rates relationships with brokers and customers


Customized Dispatch for Trucks

 Our Dispatch partner customizes  services to meet the needs of our carriers. They do this with processes tailored to your goals and preferences with capacity and loads.


Dedicated Assistance

They are there to help. You’ll receive dedicated assistance from the Dispatch team that includes help with your routes and other trucking-related tasks to further maximize your time and earnings potential.


Best Possible Rates

By negotiating with brokers, they’re able to offer you the best rates possible. Our  dispatch partner enhances your savings even more by only grabbing loads matching your preferences.


Set-up Paperwork

Once you’re pleased with a deal, our dispatch partner handles related paperwork for you. This added effort on their part means you can focus more on your loads and the road.


Streamline Payments

Paperwork is gathered and submitted to the Pay4Freight factoring company portals and brokers after a load is delivered. You’re then able to get paid faster and maximize time off between loads.


End-to-End Support

 Should there be any disputes or similar issues with shippers, brokers, receivers, or insurance providers, our Dispatch partner is there to help. Their and our aim with end-to-end support is to allow you to keep doing what you do best!