When it comes to selecting our freight dispatch partners, we work with only the best—companies who have a reputation for solid service and longevity.

How Freight Dispatch Services for Truck Dispatch Companies Work:

A solid and reputable truck dispatch company partner will:

  • Locate the highest freight rates for our carriers
  • Negotiate rates (based on current lane and freight rates and carrier rate terms)
  • Procure carrier-approved freight
  • Review, sign, deliver, and execute contractually binding paperwork
  • Check credit worthiness of all brokers before rate confirmation is signed
  • Submit the necessary paperwork to a factoring company for invoicing and collection
  • Research and identify dedicated freight for regular, anticipated load planning.
Dispatch Partners can make all the difference to truckers.

Our Freight Dispatch Partner’s Load Planners Have

  • knowledge of freight rates and lanes
  • access to a large capacity of loads
  • skill at negotiating the best rates relationships with brokers and customers in the transportation industry.​

Dispatch Partner for trucking companies

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