Trucker Fuel Discount Card Program Benefits:

Choosing the best fuel card for your trucking company is very important if you want to save as much money as possible. But which card do you choose if you are an owner-operator or running a trucking company? We have researched the best fuel card programs and have identified the top fuel card services we offer our clients.  In addition to cutting costs on fuel, a great fuel card program can also be used to provide other discounts for truckers.

The main reason to find and use fuel cards for small businesses is the discounts that often come with fuel card programs. This can be an excellent way to offset issues with fluctuating fuel costs, especially if you routinely transport loads between states and deal with varying fuel prices. Talk to us about our fuel card.

Here are some of the Discounts for Truckers you can get:

How to save on fuel for trucking companies


Our fuel card gives you access to fuel discounts at almost 2000 locations across the United States, including Love’s, Petro, Pilot, and others.

Save on tires for trucking companies


Get a $25 rebate of GoodYear commercial truck tires and retreads when you use our fuel card.

Saving on Equipment Costs for Trucking Companies


Get up to $1000 back on new DuraStar, LoneStar, ProStar, 9900i, TranStar, PayStar, and WorkStar International trucks when you use our fuel card.

Maintenance Savings on Fuel Card


Parts: Get guaranteed, major fleet pricing, consolidated billing, and instant credit recognition with a Fleet Charge® Advantage card when you use our fuel card.

Truck factoring technology


Freight Finding: A great solution for your freight finding needs. Receive 30 days free plus a 10% discount thereafter with DAT TruckersEdge.

Discounts for truckers


If you are a new driver you might consider enrolling in the Open Road Drivers Plan which provides you with peace of mind.

Saving on Accommodation With Fuel Card


Wyndham Hotels Benefit: Access savings of 15% on the best available price for rooms at over 7,600 participating hotels.

Want to read more? Check out the reasons to factor with us or read more about how and why we got started in our story. Then take the next steps outlined below. Learn more about our fuel card partner.