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How do truck factoring truckers balance home time with life on the road?

As a trucking school graduate secures employment and sets out into the world of trucking, he/she will soon learn that a formal education as a class A driver is only the beginning. There are many twists and turns on the road to a well-rounded, successful career in trucking, and the only way to become a consummate professional is to drive through them.

The same is true about learning to adjust to a lifestyle of maintaining long distance relationships with loved ones.

Over the years, drivers become seasoned, and typically find a niche within the world of trucking that best suits them. But whether it be hauling dirt locally, or hauling refrigerated goods nationwide, the demands on time (and energy) exceed that of just about any other career. That’s why it is crucial for every trucking professional to establish a balance between home time and work.

Tag home base.

When it comes to reaching out to loved ones while out on the road, the difference between no communication and a sliver of communication is huge! Little messages count – big time! Random snippets of communication can add up to a strengthened connection.

Don’t be shy.

Don’t be concerned that generic greetings and questions, and random details about your day are boring for people to hear about.

No one expects you to be Hemingway. And you certainly don’t need to write lengthy, detailed messages either. Simply share whatever strikes you, or send good wishes.


If you reach out and touch home base on a regular basis, you are doing great! Reaching out demonstrates that you are proactive in keeping connected.

When it comes to touching base via text, email, and post, don’t second guess, just get it done. Be yourself, and your family will love you for it.

No place like home.

A happy home environment is crucial for the mental and physical health of all family members. Make it a priority! The best gift you can offer your family is to set a happy tone by being in good humor while you are home.

Take a load off.

While enjoying home time with loved ones, focus all your attention on it, without guilt or worry. Resist the temptation to get things done or figure out life’s problems in your head, and allow yourself to enjoy the moment.

Value precious time – you work hard enough.