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This blog is dedicated to those hard-working truckers out there still on the road when Christmas Eve and Christmas morning rolls around. And I’m not talking about the drivers, accompanied by family, on a road trip that seems to take forever, eagerly looking forward to seeing family and friends on the other side, who upon arrival will find a warm embrace, a hot meal, laughter, and maybe even a present or two.

I’m talking about the truckers who are out there doing their job, earning a paycheck, working from pick-up to drop-off locations, no matter the number of miles in between, with only their CB radios and cell-phones for company. While the rest of us, the lucky ones, will be having a joyful celebration. This year, I know I will be very thankful for my job which allows me to be home on this blessed holiday.

If we search hard we can find a few more unlucky soles who are working on Christmas Day. There’s the local convenient store that stays open for those unexpected trips to the store to pick up one thing or another, (I’m sure this happens more than we know), a few places where you can fill up your tank, and usually a diner where you can sit down and enjoy a meal, find a little companionship and get warm.

So I’m sending out a big ‘Thank You’ to all the truckers on the road and all the employees stuck working on the holidays. We appreciate you more than you know. If you’re one of the lucky ones and you happen to run into anyone working, be extra kind and wish them Happy Holidays, the little things do make a difference.