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7 Ways for Truckers to Create Mini-Breaks

7 Ways for Truckers to Create Mini-Breaks

If you’re a truck driver, whether you’re working for a company or as an owner-operator, we know you’re really busy these days. And while it’s important to get what you’re delivering where it’s supposed to go, it’s equally essential to find ways to personally refresh and recharge. This is ultimately good for you both physically and mentally. Luckily, there are some ways you can create beneficial mini-breaks while on the road without affecting your ability to stick to your schedule.

1. Take Short Mid-Drive Naps

Now, this isn’t always practical for commercial truckers. However, if you’re a bit ahead of schedule as you’re hauling or going to pick something up, pull over and take a short nap. You can do this right in your cab or at a designated rest stop. Use your phone to set an alarm so you don’t oversleep and you should be good to go – and refreshed, too!

2. Listen to Your Favorite Podcasts

With this one, you’re getting more of a mental break while you drive, but that’s beneficial, too. Instead of stressing out about traffic, delivery deadlines, and other things you can’t fully control, listen to your favorite podcasts. You can conveniently and effectively do this by:

  •  Connecting your phone to your truck’s system via Bluetooth
  •  Using a USB port, if your truck has one, to connect your phone
  • Attaching a phone to a mount designed for this purpose so you can put your phone into it and listen*

*This can work even if your truck isn’t compatible with Bluetooth technology if your phone is fully charged before you go on the road.

3. Sing Along to Your Favorite Tunes

Great music gets your blood pumping, which contributes to a boost in the production of “feel-good” hormones called endorphins that refresh you mentally while on the road. Since you’ll likely be in your cab alone, feel free to sing along to your heart’s content, which is also mentally refreshing.

4. Stop to Get Some Healthy Snacks

Another way to create mini-breaks while on the road is to stop when it’s convenient to do so to pick up some snacks. It’s better to go with healthy snacks, though, but there are plenty of tasty options. A variation on this one is to stop longer when you have the time to treat yourself to a tasty meal. This also gives you a chance to have friendly conversations with locals before getting back on the road.

5. Stop to Get Some Exercise

Exercise also gets endorphins flowing. It’s also a good way to keep your muscles properly stretched for times when you’ll be driving longer. Mini-breaks for exercise can simply involve walking in the area of your truck or stopping along the side of the road or at a rest stop to do some light stretching.

6. Have a Hands-Free Conversation

A stimulating conversation as you drive gives you a nice mental break as long as you keep safety in mind. You know that phone mount we mentioned earlier? You can also use it to have short conversations with friends or family members. Set your phone to the speaker or use a headset so you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

7. Listen to Some Audiobooks

Before you get ready to go back out on the road, download a few audiobooks you can listen to as you drive. This gives you a mental mini-break of sorts by allowing you to get absorbed in a good story as you go along your way. Plus, you can easily hit pause and pick up where you left off as you drop off and pick up loads.

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