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We all know it, those pesky fuel prices are all over the place eating into profits, messing with your cash flow… so what is a trucker supposed to do? Well, if you haven’t optimized what you’ve got, you can get started with our seven quick and dirty tips to reduce your fuel costs:

#1 Not So Fast, Speedy

This is the easiest and cheapest way to get better fuel economy. For example, driving 63mph instead of 68 can increase your mpg by 10%! It’s also easier on the engine.

#2 Stop Idling

No, we’re not talking about being lazy on the job, but idling your truck. Every hour you do that burns a gallon of fuel. If you get an aux power unit it will burn less the .3 gallons per hour.

#3 Check the Tire Pressure

If you under inflate, but as little as 4 psi, you could lose up to 5% or more in fuel economy. Plus your treads will live longer as they are not as close to the ground.

#4 Plan That Route

Yep. It’s a simple as that. Plan out your route before you go and eliminate unnecessary stops along the way.

#5 Aerodynamics Can Help

A number of aftermarket add-ons, skirts, and things like Freight Wing Skirts can help. One of our clients got another mile to the gallon after doing this.

Hope these 5 ways helped! Talk to you soon. Your trucking factoring company of choice, Pay4Freight.