Freight Factoring - Get Same Day Fundingand a 100% Advance

The freight is out there, but you need cash to keep rolling and growing your trucking business. Are you looking for a rock solid freight bill factoring company? We offer services such as:

  • Same Day Advances
  • Non-Recourse
  • Flat Rates
  • 50% Fuel Advance
  • Free Truck Stop Scanning
  • Fax/Scan BOL

freight bill factoring

Freight Bill Factoring

We specialize in helping you with freight bill factoring and truck factoring, the small trucking company and owner operator, so you can compete against the big boys and win! Just fill out your information below and see why we are one of the best freight factoring companies around.

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How Do I Choose the Right One From All the Freight Factoring Companies?

Pay4Freight Freight Factoring Company 1 Freight Factoring Company 2
100% Same Day Cash Yes No No
Non-recourse Yes No No
Fax in BOLs Yes Yes No
Fuel Advances Yes No No
Flat 5% Rate Yes No Yes
Phone & Live Support Yes Yes Yes


Specializing in Small Carrier Factoring, a freight factoring company based in Lewisville, Texas, is your transportation factoring company. Our focus is to work directly with small trucking companies and owner operators, so they can compete equally in the transportation marketplace. Our specialists take pride in providing you the best truck factoring company out of all the trucking factoring company  in the industry.

Increase Cash Flow The First 12 Months In Business with Freight Bill Factoring

Maintaining proper cash flow is always critical to business operations, but during the first 12 months of your new trucking business it is especially difficult to achieve as you have no "track record". You already pay for your truck, insurance, fuel, and overhead expenses. After delivering that first load, you can expect to wait 30 to 45 days or longer to get paid on your freight invoice. One slow paying or uncollectible invoice could make it impossible to purchase fuel to haul that next load. Without enough cash, you could be out of business before you really get started.

Pay4Freight.Com Finances Small Freight Carriers On Faxed Invoices

We'll purchase your freight invoices on the day you deliver your load so you can keep your business running. We offer extremely competitive rates, automated credit checks, and our one of a kind same day funding service on faxed bills of lading. That means you don't have to wait on the mail to deliver your originals before getting funded.

Automated Feedback On The Status Of Your Invoices Via Email

When we process your faxed invoices, we'll send you an email with all the details on its status. You'll no longer have to wonder whether your fax was received or whether you're in for a rude surprise when you're expecting payment because there was an issue processing your invoice. The email you receive from us will give you all the information you need to address an issue or notify you that everything is OK. As your truck factoring companies we like to keep you informed!

Free Online Credit Checks Make Freight Factoring Efficient AND Easy

Our online credit check system gives instant responses so you don't have to wonder whether your invoice will be approved. Our freight bill factoring system is custom designed for small carriers. If your credit check is approved, we guarantee this approval for 72 hours. Exceptions to this would be: if we receive a credit alert from our credit sources showing a material slowness in the account's payment history, non-payment complaints being reported, a loss of broker authority, notice of bankruptcy, or out of business. Our competitors maintain one credit limit per debtor balance so if another carrier gets their documents in before you, your approval might be bumped in favor of that other carrier. At, that doesn't happen.


Call for Rate Options
Call for Rate Options
Advance Rate: 100%
Advance Rate: 100%
Required Paperwork: ORIGINAL BILL of LADING
Required Paperwork: Faxed or Scanned BILL of LADING
Additional Factoring Fees: NONE
Additional Factoring Fees: NONE
Chargeback Date: NONE
Chargeback Date: NONE
Payment Methods:Wire-$15, ACH-$5, EFS Fuel Card-Free Upload, $3 thereafter Comdata or T-Chek Express Codes - $4
FedEx Service: $18 Overnight, $12 Second Day TripPak: $5 per envelope (1 load per envelope)
*** For Monthly Volumes over $50,000, call our Sales Department at for a customized quote. *** Call our Sales Department at 866-420-3018 to get set up for factoring and our Fuel Advance Program.
Now you have an option to a fuel advance regardless if the load is booked with a broker or shipper. The only exclusion to the program is produce and any type of refrigerated freight. Call our Sales Department at 866-420-3018 to get setup for factoring and our Fuel Advance Program.

Your Freight Factoring Questions Answered . . .

Some of you are new to factoring. Factoring is selling your accounts receivables at a discount in order to control your cash flow. According to industry statistics the average timeframe a freight invoice is settled is 48 days. That is a long time to wait to be paid. Please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have that are not covered in the FAQ's section below.



What is factoring?
Factoring is selling your accounts receivables at a discount in order to better control your cash flow.

  • Factoring can protect you from unnecessary credit risks.
  • Factoring removes the number one reason start up companies fail, lack of cash flow.

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What types of factoring options are there?
Factoring is selling your accounts receivables at a discount in order to better control your cash flow.

  • Non-recourse factoring: takes on the credit risk. Pay rate is determined by the time-frame on when the payment will be distributed to you. Basically the quicker you need to be paid, the higher the rate. Should the account fail to pay due to a financial reason, not carrier performance, will take the loss.
  • Recourse Factoring:
    The carrier takes all risk of the broker or shipper not paying the factor for any reason. Typically, all recourse factors require the carrier to reimburse the factor anywhere from 60 to 90 days after the initial advance should the account not pay. Also, a reserve percentage is withheld from the advance by the recourse factor until the debtor pays the invoice. The longer it takes to collect the invoice generally causes more fees being subtracted from the reserve payment due the carrier. The real disadvantage for the carrier becomes having to collect a very past due invoice the recourse factor couldn't or wouldn't collect. This type of chargeback situation usually puts undo pressure on the carrier as these events are never planned. For these reasons, Pay4Freight no longer offers recourse factoring as it's not in the best interest of any small carrier. We at want to give the small carrier the very best chance of success, not adding more road blocks to them reaching their goals.

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How do I sign up, and when can I start?
We will need a signed and completed copy of our factoring application, a legible copy of your driver's license. We will also need a copy of your cargo and liability insurance, FMCSA Authority Letter, and your "filed" organizational documents. We perform a UCC search to ensure no other factor or bank has tied up your accounts. We then file our financing statement to protect our interest in the company's accounts. The cost to search and file our financing is $100 and will be deducted from the first advance. Depending on how quickly you provide the necessary information will determine how soon we can generate the factoring contract. Once we receive back the signed contract and other required forms, the funding process is ready to begin. Yes, you can fax the signed contract and forms back to us to get the funding process started even faster. It's very possible we could fund you the same day you contract us about using our services. Now, how's that for same day service?

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Will my company be bound to a long term contract?
No, Never! Of course there will have to be a documented agreement since there will be financial transactions taking place. You can stop at any time without penalty. If you ever want to cancel your contract, all we ask is that you give us written notice. We must collect all outstanding receivables prior to full cancellation. Once your outstanding balance is at zero, a release letter is sent to you. There will be a $50 fee to cover the cancellation of the UCC filing.

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How long is a credit check good for?
When submitting a load for factoring, the debtor (whomever you got the load from) must be credit approved before we will accept the paperwork. Normally a credit check takes only a few seconds; however, at times direct shippers can take from several hours up to a day. Credit approvals are good for 72 hours. Exceptions to this would be: if we receive a credit alert from our credit sources showing a material slowness in the account's payment history, non-payment complaints being reported, a loss of broker authority, notice of bankruptcy, or out of business.

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Can I fax my paperwork in anytime?
Our system allows you to fax or email in your loads 24/7. However, our cutoff time to get your load into the system for same day payment is 12:00 PM Central Standard Time daily.

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Can I have more than one factoring company?
No factoring company will allow this. The reason is that the factoring company must hold first lien position on your receivables. This is simply protecting our interests on the loads we have purchased.

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Do I have to factor all of my loads?
Yes and no. If you factor a credit approved broker or shipper, you must factor all loads for that account until is paid in full with that account. However, you are not required to factor all brokers and shippers with us.

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Is there a minimum amount of loads I have to factor each month?
No, never! However, by factoring more, you may be eligible for a better rate.

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How do I get paid?
You have a variety of Payment Options

  • Comchecks or T-Cheks: These are filled out like any regular check. The only difference is that you will need to get an Express Code from to validate the check, and your bank or wherever you are cashing the check will have to get an authorization code to confirm the check. If you need more checks you can contact us either via email or call us to re-order more. Please allow 3-4 days for delivery.
    Comchecks: Fee is $4.00 per $1,000 incremental value of the check.
    T-Cheks: Fee is $4.00 per transaction on the value of the check.
  • EFS Fuel Card: We will fund your Fuel Card account at no cost. You obtain the "cash price" at the pump at over 6,000 locations. Each transaction is $3 for fuel and/or cash or transchecks and monthly rebates of up to 2 cents per gallon at over 1,500 truck stops.
  • Direct Deposit: By providing your Routing and Transit Number for your bank and your bank account number, we can electronically transfer payment to your account. This transaction usually credits your account the next banking day, but could take an additional day for final credit. The Charge for this service is $5.00.
  • Wire Transfer: Our charge for this service is $15.00 plus any fees your bank charges you to receive the funds.

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How do I send you my original documents per your requirements?
We have discounted options available for you to send us your original documents. This would eliminate additional charges.

  • Discounted FedEx Stamps: The cost of overnight is $18 and second day delivery is $12. No set-up fee is required.
  • TripPak Service: To send us your documents more officially and least costly, we have secured a discounted rate of $7 per envelope (please one load per envelope) for drop off at any one of 1,600 truck stop locations. This price also includes TripPak scanning now available at more than 525 locations, which includes every TA and Petro location, and 150 Flying J locations. This is a great option if you are on the road for extended periods of time.

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